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Review: Apple Ipod Mini

from the manfucaturer's website:

"This season’s must-have accessory? Your music. Listen in style with iPod mini, from just $199. Like any classic fashion icon, iPod mini goes with everything: Macs, PCs, sequins and tees. And with up to 18 hours of battery life, it’ll outlast the latest trend. Choose from 4GB or 6GB (super)models in kicked-up colors and show off your music collection."

Who doesn't know it yet? This years must-have gadget from apple: the ipod mini. I usually am somebody who doesn't go with trends, but whilst my visit to the states I simply couldn't resist and bought myself a nice addition to my mpio fl 300. What's bad is that here in the EU you can't get one of those nice FM transmitters, which was the main reason for me to buy an ipod, but hey, people fly back and forth all the time so it's probably not that hard to get your hands on one of these. What impressed me most about the mini though was it's impressive battery power of up to 18 hours of continous play. Price-wise I think the ipod mini is not the cheapest thing to get, but also not the most expensive, so if you're somebody who likes to go with trends and wants a good mp3 player that comes with a lot of great features (like mulitple EQ settings, notepad, ...) there's no way around the ipod mini.

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