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Review: MPIO FL 300 Mp3 Player

from the manfucaturer's website:

"The FL300 is the definition of style when it comes to mp3 players. Available in Red, Blue, and Purple, the FL300 is packed with awesome features. From its ability to reacharge through its USB connector to its 6 band EQ and integrated Voice Recorder, the FL300 stands out in every way. Try the optional necklace earbud accessory - it's custom made for the FL300 so you can show it off and listen in style!"

And to be honest: I couldn't agree more. I bought this beauty about 3 month ago and still am impressed with it's size and capabilities. It's the ideal player to take with you anywhere. The built-in flash memory is available in sizes from 128MB to 1 GB, which is more than enough for a player of this size.

Smaller than a lighter you can even take it with you when you're going out at night, since you won't mind it being in your pocket, or even your wallet because of it's tinyness. It's battery lasts about 12 hours and recharges in the USB port (Which has it's ad- and disadvantages, since you can't have a second set of batteries to use when it's empty. I don't mind it that much though since it recharges very, very quickly whilst being plugged into an USB port.)

After 3 months of heavy usage it still shows almost no scratches and works perfectly (unlike a lot of other mp3 players I had ...) so if you got the money and like having style, I can recommend this player for you.


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