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Apache / Batch / Command line error from apc when running cronjob / scheduled task (apc_shm_create: shmget apc_shm_attach: shmat failed)

If you get errors like this when trying to run a php script in Windows / Linux with APC enabled as a cronjob be sure to disable APC for your cronjobs by running the php executable with -d apc.enabled=0 (so f.e. c:\php\php.exe -d apc.enabled=0 c:\www\mycron.php)

PHP Fatal error: PHP Startup: apc_shm_create: shmget(0, 33554432, 658) failed: No such file or directory. It is possible that the chosen SHM segment size is higher than the operation system allows. Linux has usually a default limit of 32MB per segment. in Unknown on line 0
[11-Jun-2013 12:48:53 UTC] PHP Fatal error: PHP Startup: apc_shm_attach: shmat failed: in Unknown on line 0
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