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SBS 2011 / Windows Server 2008 R2 adding x32 printer drivers on a x64 machine ... ntprint.inf / insert windows media problem

If you try to add additional drivers for x32 based machines on a Windows Server based x64 system you might get asked for windows install media - in that case you need ntprint.inf and - which you can get from a windows 7 or windows vista machine or dvd.

do the following:

1. Insert your Windows 7 DVD or mount your ISO.
2. Open 7zip ( - free)
3. Open DVDDrive/source/install.wim with 7zip.
4. Now browse to 1\Windows\winsxs\
5. extract the contents of x86_ntprint.inf_31bfxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to a folder and point to that folder when Windows Server asks for installation media.
6. done.
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