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sharepoint 2010 uninstall / repair fails with wssmui.msi missing

Thanks to microsoft for being incredibly stupid I spent about 2 hours figuring this out, long story short: in order to repair / uninstall sharepoint you must start the setup from EXACTLY the path you did when you first installed it. F.e. if you install sharepoint from C:\temp\sharepoint, and then want to do a repair, you will need to have the installation files in C:\temp\sharepoint, otherwise this error will occur and the repair will fail. If you installed sharepoint from a dvd / usb drive it needs to have the same driver letter. If you dont know anymore what the path was you can either try searching the registry for wssmui.msi or use process monitor and filter for path - wssmui.msi (cotains) and see for yourself where the installer is looking for wssmui.msi.

Thanks for the bug.
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