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login failed for user actaccess when restoring database act 2011 premium sbs 2011 server 2008/R2

I just installed ACT 2011 on an SBS 2011 Premium Machine, as expected with Software from Sage I of course ran into trouble. The restoring of the database did not work. Apparently ACT! tried to connect to wrong SQL Server Instance. Easy fix. I temorarily stopped the other SQL Instances and reinstalled ACT! 2011 Premium. That did not suffice. I always got the error \"Login failed for user ACTACCESS\" - that was due to the fact that apparently ACT created the wrong password for the SQL User \"sa\" which it needs for connecting to the SQL Server.

So I had a few more steps to do:

- Run Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Management Studio
Connect to \\servername\act7
right click the instance name (root node)
click on the user \"sa\"
change password to \"ActbySage1!\"
exit mssql management studio

- start - run - cmd
cd C:\Program Files (X86)
cd act
cd Act for Windows

SecurityCmdLnApp.exe \"ActbySage1!\"

thats it.

hope that helps.
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