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how to configure sata as raid in windows 7 / vista after installation if windows will not boot

If you want to enable a raid disk after windows install, you will run into a few complications - like windows not booting up and simply rebooting. As the process of getting this to work is not easy if you dont know how I thought I could put up a step by step guide on how to do this.

1: boot windows normally using ide mode (or the mode you installed it, if you are already on ahci skip step 2 & 3)
2: enable ahci -> regedit -> hkey_local_machine -> system -> currentcontrolset -> msahci -> on the right side change the value for start to 0 (yes 0!)
3: change bios to ahci mode
4: reboot windows and install the intel matrix storage driver (which you can download on your mainboard manufacturers website or from (this wont work unless you are already in ahci mode!)
5: regedit -> hkey_local_machine -> system -> currentcontrolset -> iaStor -> change value for start to 0, do the same for iaStorV
6: reboot and set bios to raid mode
7: windows should boot now.
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