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Windows 7 nforce ethernet connection drop / freeze / problem

This fix is for people who are having random freezes / connection drops / connection problems with nvidia nforce based ethernet connections in windows 7 RTM (final) and RC.

What you need is the nVidia Vista v15.25 (32bit or 64bit) motherboard driver.
64bit URL:
32bit URL:
I had to do the following to get this fix to work. Note that it applies to the Windows 7 64bit version:
1) Uninstall any Nvidia Ethernet drivers.
-- Reboot.
--the Windows 7 default ethernet drivers get installed in their place
--verify and note down the filename of the Network Adapter driver filename that Windows 7 uses.

2) Do the following:
--go to the location where the Nvidia installer unzipped the v15.25 files on your hardrive. Under the Ethernet folder, find the v15.25 Ethernet driver file "nvmfdx64.sys" (file version and rename it to the Windows 7 x64 default Ethernet driver filename "nvm62x64.sys".
--copy nvm62x64.sys to c:\windows\system32\drivers (please make sure you archive the old default file first, ie move this to a new folder on your desktop just in case there is a problem so you can replace the file).

Then Reboot.

This fixed the problem for good I did not have any disconnects !
The only caution is to verify the Ethernet driver filename that Windows 7 32bit uses (after you've uninstalled the Nvidia Network driver). Do that by going to Device Manager and double-click the Network Adapter. Select Driver, then Driver Details. The last caution is for people who download the 32bit version of the Nvidia v15.25 for Vista. There too, you need to verify the Ethernet 32bit filename as it may be differently named from the 64bit version mentioned above.

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